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to Preserve an Extraordinary Historic Site

Hutton Brickyards is a bucolic one-of-a-kind immersive experience located directly on the majestic Hudson River. This project honors its context and history, while simultaneously embracing the exciting changes now taking place in the Hudson River Valley. Less than two hours from New York City, and accessible by almost any means of transportation, Hutton Brickyards is the premier cultural, social, and event destination located on the banks of the Hudson River.


Our History

From 1865 to 1980, The Hutton Brick Works Company operated on the banks of the Hudson River, contributing to the infrastructure of New York.

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We committed to preserving and restoring the last remaining salvageable structures on the site, and now Hutton Brickyards is home to a bucolic, majestic gathering space for weddings, performances, festivals of all sizes, and glamping. As we continue to develop the site, we envision farm-to-table cuisine served at a world-class restaurant with fresh ingredients picked from our farm and garden, a spa hotel rich with amenities, a stunning marina, and dedicated hiking trails. And our imagination continues to grow, brick by brick.

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